StockholmIP and Sustainable Development Consulting  is a global intellectual property (IP) and sustainable development law firm based in Stockholm, Sweden having deep expertise for consulting, training and advisory services in the field of intellectual property law, IT law, human rights law, international environmental law and broader sustainability issues. We are also providing consultancy services for several business and ICT sectors in cooperation with our partners around the world.

Winning IP strategies

Our aim is to provide our clients (private, government and international organization) best quality research reports and project development advice to configure IP as a tool not only to promote innovation and investment but also meet societal and developmental objectives. We achieve this by working with our clients in the public and private sectors to provide solid information and analysis, to create and deliver winning IP strategies, and by developing project development profile that not only serve business objectives but also contribute for sustainable development.

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The right balance

We have designed appropriate policy tools and institutional supports to help different countries, business bodies, public welfare organizations, development partners and non-governmental organizations to adopt required strategies for implementing international intellectual property law, international environmental law, international human rights law, IT law and sustainable development goals to make a right balance between developmental agenda and longer term sustainability.

Training and Capacity Building

We are providing training and capacity building programs for business managers, companies and government officials from different countries. We have provided training progarms in different countries in the field of intellectual property law, human rights law, international environmental law, ICT law and also contract drafting, legislative and institutional building supports for several organisations. One of our present focus is to help the LDCs and developing countries how to utilise national and international legal and institutional mechanism for implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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